Graduating with honours from my Master in International Business, with a major in Finance and Management, I managed to build a successful career and reach a top executive position in a leading Aeronautics, Space and Defense Group.

For more than twenty years, I developed my skills by solving business and strategic issues throughout multiple subsidiaries as well as Headquarters. Mastering multilingual and transverse cultures led me to gather an in-depth knowledge of cutting edge technologies and know-how on which challenges were yet to be solved. Daily contacts with board members and 100,000+ staff firm executives was key in learning from the best and collecting state of the art management skills. Having to solve complex business issues in an ever more competitive environment made me the entrepreneur I have become.

Despite these many and diverse experiences, one common thread never changed: optimizing by a deep observation, understanding and analyzing all processes at stake. Sometimes, recovering growth and profit meant simplifying the organization but also developing talents.

I was meant to identify, strengthen and secure the Company's future. For 20 years, Executives from the leading Aeronautic Defense and Space Group have trusted my recommendations.

Today, with Audifty, I am offering you a real support to develop, transform and secure your company.

Your problems can be solved, all you need is the proper partner.



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The accuracy of the information provided was founded on understanding the company’s business and the needs. This experience proved essential to bring the Cash awareness culture and investment strategy to implement at short & medium term. AUDIFTY is a young company with high level of expertise and experience. Denis Lavelle, CEO, INSIDE GROUP

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Thank you very much for your support to our Blue Book creation. This Blue Book sets out the management and organizational principles by which our Company is governed. It forms the basis on how we live and work together to deliver the best value to our customers and equity holders. It provides the basis for our culture, organization and detailed ways of working for our Company.It describes our operating structure and how management decisions are taken. I really appreciated the outstanding professionalism you provided us with. Romain Winzelle, CFO

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Audifty est agrée par la BSI en tant qu’expert auprès des PME, lot ingéniérie financière.

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